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Full text of "Sir George Yeardley : or Yardley, governor and captian general of Virginia, and Temperance (West) Lady Yeardley, and some of their descendants"

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Reprinted f rom American Historical Magazine, Nashville, Teim., Oct. 18%. 

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Sir George Yeardley was one of the ablest and most pop- 
ular of Virginia's Colonial Governors. His public acts are mat- 
ters of history, and as many of them have been published and 
commented upon in several magazines during the past few- 
years, I shall confine myself in this article to giving a list of 
as many of his descendants as the limited time at my disposal 
has allowed me to trace. If simply a matter of mentioning 
those who have borne Yeardley as a surname my list would be 
short and easy of compilation, for the name became extinct in 
his line of descendants, in the fourth generation, and only one 
son and one grandson lived to have issue, and the surviving 
children of the latter were three daughters, neither of whom 
married a Yeardley, and after their marriage the name of Yeard- 
ley, except as a baptismal name, disappeared from Virginia so 
far as I have discovered. It is only recently that the maiden 
name of Temperance, Lady Yeardley, has again become known 
in this country. For many years, historians and' genealogists 
have sought it in vain. She came to Virginia in the "Falcon," 
Capt. Nelson Martin, Master, in 1609 (See Hotten's Original 
List of Immigrants, February 16, 1632, and also N. E. Hist., 
and Gen. Reg. Vol. xxx. p. 415), and was Temperance "West 
when she, married Sir George. Her parentage is still unde- 


Ralph Yeardley, a brother of Sir George, was granted 
letters of administration upon the estates of Sir George and 
Temperance, in behalf of Elizabeth, Argall, and Francis 
Yardley, "lawful and legitimate children of Dame Temperance 
Yardley (alias West. )" She survived him but a short time, 
for, although the Executrix of his estate, she had not appar- 
ently had time to qualify as such, and died intestate. (See 
American Historical Magazine, Vol. I., p. 101, January 
No., 1896.) 

Although the name of Yeardley became extinct upon the 
marriage of their three great-granddaughters, yet the num- 
ber of their descendants is legion and to trace them all will 
require considerable time and labor. Very many alliances 
have added new names to the list of their descendants, which 
will doubtless reach thousands,, and very many persons in 
various parts of the United States, to-day, are lineal descend- 
ants of this distinguished pair, some of whom are probably ig- 
norant of the fact. 

Sir George Yeardley was born between 1577 and 1580. 
(See Va. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., Vol. II., 154). They were 
married about 1618 (See Brown's Genesis of the U. S., p. 1065), 
and he died in Nov. 1627. 

There are two depositions and subsequent orders in the 
Northampton County Virginia Records, indicating that Tem- 
perance was not Sir George's first wife, but that she was the 
mother of his children is shown above. 

1. Elizabeth Yeardley 1 . The Court Records of Virginia 
and other authorities examined, mention nothing of her. If 
she ever married, she probably did not live in America, or some 
I race of her descendants would have been found. 

1. John Yardley — 1402— County Stafford, England, married daughter of 

Marbury of Dadesbury, and had: John Yardley of Kedlingworth Co. Warwick, mar- 
ried daughter of Tickens, and had: Margaret Yardley, who married John 

Yardley, of Yardley, son of John Yardley, of Yardley, contemporary of Henry VI, 
and had: John Yardley, of Yardley, who married Elizabeth, daughter of William 
Birkes, County Stafford, who had: William Yardley, living in 1583, who married 
Elizabeth, daughter of William and Alice Brereton Morton, of Morton, Count}' Chester, 
who had: a. William, who married Margery Lawton, and had issue— grandfather of 
William 1632, and who emigrated to Penn. 1682, and great-grandfather of Samuel, who 
emigrated to America 1704 — Bucks .County, Pa. branch of the family. William, last 

mentioned, married Jane and came from Ransclough, near Leake, in the 

County of Stafford, England, to Pennsylvania, in "Friend's Adventure" and arrived in 


2. Colonel Arg-all Yeardley, the eldest son and heir of 
Sir George and Temperance, was born about 1621 and married 
first about 1640; the name of his first wife is at present un- 
known. She died in 1648. In 1649, during- a visit to Europe, 

Delaware River, July 28, 1682,— Pa. Mag-. Vol. IX. part 2, July 1885. p. 22:S. 0. Ralph, 
who married Elizabeth Dodd — Druggist in London. See Neil's Va. Co. p. 173;Neil's Va 
Caiolorum p. 48,50: Nell's Va. Vetusta p. 111. He was administrator of the estate of his 
brother. Sir Georg-e Yeardley, and that of Lady Temperance (West) Yeardley — men- 
tioned hereafter, c. John, who married Mary Dodd. d. Randall, e. George Yeard- 
ley, who in 1618 married Temperance West. He came to Virginia in the "Deliverance," 
in 1609; See Hotteu's Lists. He was a member of Virginia Company, 1609; Member of 
Her Majesty's Council for Virginia; Deputy Governor of Virginia in 1618, and in the 
latter part of the year was appointed Governor of Virginia, and subsequetulj', viz; 
November 22, 161S knighted. He left England January 29, 1619, in the '-Gift - ' (N. E. 
Hist, and Geu. Reg. Vol. XXX., p. 415), reached Jamestown April 19, 1619, and early in 
June he summoned the first Legislative Assembly that ever assembled in America, to 
meet at Jamestown on July 30, 1619. (Neil's Va. Vetusta p. 110; Hening I. p. 119, 121 
128; Winsdrs X. &C History U. S. Vol. III., p.' 143; Bancroft's History XT. S. Rev. Ed., 

1888, Vol. I., p. 110.) He built in 1621 the first windmill that was ever erected in Amer- 
ica. Bruce, II., p. 487; Neil's Va. Co. p. 283. His commission as Governor expired in 1621. 
but he continued a member of the Council. He was one of the "Council of State'' under 
"An Ordinance and Constitution of the Treasurer, Council and Company in England. 
for a Council of State and General Assembly," dated July 24,1621 — otherwise termed the 
First Constitution." See Amer. His. Mag. Vol. I., No. 2, April, 1896, quoting Stith's 
History of Virginia. He was appointed Deputy Governor in the absence of Wyatt, 
September 18, 1625, and on April 19' 1626, was again appointed Governor. He held 
that office until his death, November, 1627. See Amer. His. Mag., Vol. I., No. 1, 
p. 21, quoting from Bancroft. His will is dated October 12, 1627. He left a large 
estate. An abstract of his will is given in N. E. His. and Gen. Register, January-. 
1884, Vol. 38, p. 69, and also in Amer. His. Mag., Vol. I., p. 98. See Hening I. 
p. 119. 121, 128 etc.; Va. Mag,, Vol. I., p. 85: Amer. His. Mag., Vol. I., p. 1-21, 94: 
Brown's Genesis of U. S.. p. 417, 796, 1065; Winsor's N. and C. His. U.S , Vol. Ill, p. 141. 
143, 146; Va. Mag., Vol. II., p. 57, etc.; (as to First Legislative Assembly in Virginia) 
Va. Mag., Vol. II., p. 154, etc.; Amer. His. Mag., pp. 1-21, Vol. I., No. 1; (as to instruc- 
tions from the Lords in Privy Council, etc., etc., to Gov. Yeardley 1618) p. 219; (as to in- 
structions to Gov. Yeardley, 1626) p. 293, and McDonald papers. Vol. I., p. 408, Sec. 8, 
Va. State Library, etc., etc.; Wm. and Mary Quarterly, Vol.3, p. 65, Vol. 4, p. 169, etc.: 
Smith's His. of Va., p. 567, 569, etc.; Bruce Economic His. of Va. (See Index); Neil's Va. 
Vetusta, (See Index): Neil's Va. Carolorum (See Index); Neil's Va. Co. (See Index); 
See also the numerous histories of Virginia and of the Va. and London Companies; the 
numerous Biographical Dictionaries, etc. Temperance West, wife of Sir George Yeard- 
ley, came to Virginia in the "Falcon" in 1609; Capt. Nelson Martin, Master, (See Hot- 
ten's Original lists of emigrants to America (3-16-1623) 1600-1700; N. E. His. and Gen . 
Reg. Vol. XXX., p. 415). In January 1625 both Sir George and Temperance were living at 
Jamestown with their three children, viz: Elizabeth, Francis, and Arg-all. (See Hot- 
ten's Lists.) She released her dower rig-ht to a certain 2200-acre tract of land on Nov. 16. 
1627, See Hening I., p. 145. She was one of the witnesses of the will of John Rolfe, 1621 — 
Neil's Va. Vetusta, p. 141; N. E. Hist. Geu. Reg., Jan., 1884. She died in Virginia, and let- 
ters of administration were granted on her estate to Ralph Yeardlej', of Loudon, (brother 
of Sir George). See P. C. C. Adm., Book 1628-30, Folio 730. quoted in Amer. His. Mag., Vol. 
I., p. 101. See Harlian Manuscripts in British Museum, Eng, Nos. 1077, 1171, 6128 (Brit- 
ish Museum, May, 1881); "Yardley Family," by Thomas Yardley, 257 pp. published 

1889, Phila., Pa. ; Vol. I.. No. 1. "American Historical Magazine." Jan., 189o. Nash- 
ville, Tenn.; Brown's Genesis of U. S., p. 1085 — except as to paternity of Sir (Ji-orge 
Yardley; and authorities above quoted. 

he married Ann Custis,* a daughter of John and Joane Custis, 
who were then living- in Rotterdam, but were born in England, 
and not in Ireland as stated by Bishop Meade. 3 

He left children as follows: a. Argall; b. Edmund; 
c. Rose; d. Henry; e. Francis. The names of Henry 
and Edmund disappear from the records on the Eastern Shore 
of Virginia after 1657 — they were then only boys. No trace 
of them or any of their descendents has been found, and they 
probably died without issue. The Colonel was a very promi- 
nent man. He was a member of the Council of State Dec. 20, 
1643, and was appointed Commander of "Accomac" (North- 
ampton), then comprising the whole of the Eastern Shore of 
Virginia, June 30, 1642, by Sir William Berkeley. (See Vol. 
II., p. 84, 88 and 172, Northampton County Records). He 
died intestate. 

3. Captain Francis Yeardley, youngest son of Sir George 
and Temperance (West) Yeardley, was a brave and dashing 
officer. He and also Col. Argall Yeardley, his brother, sided 
with the Royalists during the parliamentary troubles in Eng- 
land and openly expressed their sentiments, thereby getting 
into difficulties. Once during an argument with Captain 
Richard Ingle concerning the King and parliament, Ingle 
being a pronounced Cromwellite, the argument becoming too 
warm for Ingle's temper, he left the cabin of his ship and go- 
ing down the hold, returned to the deck with a pole axe and 

"For whom do you wait?" said Col. Argall Yeardley. 
"For my brother? I arrest you in the name of the King." 

"If you had said in the name of the King and Parliament, 

2. See Col. Norwood's Vo3 - age to Assateague, in Force's Hist. Tracts. Vol. III. p. 49. 
After the death of Col. Argall Yardley, his widow married John Wilcox, (See will of 
John Wilcox, May 25, 1662, Northampton Co. Records; also Deed of Gift of Anna 
Wilcox, widow, 7 & 8 p. 15, to her two sons Henry and Edmond Yardley. etc.). 
Col. Argall Yardley died in 1655 (See Brown's Genesis of the U. S., p. 1065, which is 
corroborated by Northampton County Records). See Griffin Clay Callahan's article in 
the Richmond Times of January 21st, 1895. which was subsequently republished in a 
number of newspapers; See Wm. and Mary Quarterly, Vol. III., p. 261; Meade, Vol. I., 
p. 263; G. W. P. Custis' Reminiscences, etc. ("Custis Genealogy" will shortly be pre- 
pared, embodying considerable original historical and genealogical matter heretofore 
unpublished). See "Agreement between John Custis and Frances (Parke) Custis, his 
Wile" in Va. Mag., July 1896, page 64. 

3. See naturalization papers of Captain William Custis granted by Howard, Lord 
tttinijham, May 13, 1686, Vol. 1676-90 Accomac Co., Records. 

— 5— 

I would have obeyed, " said Ingle, and ran at Col. Yeardley with 
tbe pole axe in his hand and thrust his cutlass at his breast as 
though he would pierce his body, and ordered all present to 
leave his ship. 

"Wait until he conies on shore," said the Colonel to Cap- 
tain Francis Yeardley; and they, together with a few of those 
present, left the ship, which immediately hoisted anchor and 
sailed for Maryland, carrying- about twenty of the colonists 
away. Ing-le there bragg-ed that he 

"Had 'steazed' the Commander of Northampton and his 
brother over the side of his ship." 

His glory was short-lived, he was captured, sent an hum- 
ble letter of apology to Col. and Capt. Yeardley, returned all 
the colonists he had taken away, and was sent a prisoner to 
James City for trial before the Governor and Council. His 
next appearance on the Northampton County Records was as 
a witness to a legal document in London. (See Vol. II., 
Northampton County Records, in 1645.) 

Captain Francis Yeardley was appointed Captain of Mili- 
tia during the Indian scare on the Eastern Shore; although 
scarcely 21 years of age, the Governor and Council, as well as 
the Court in Northampton and the inhabitants generally held 
him high in their esteem and placed great confidence upon his 
bravery and ability. He married Sarah Offley, of London, 
whose mother was a Miss Harris, a sister of Alexander Harris, 
of Town Hill, (See Extract from will of Captain Adam 
Thorowgood, Virginia Carolorum, p. 134). She was first 
the wife of Capt. Adam Thorowgood and bore him four chil- 
dren: Adam, who became Lt. Colonel; Ann, who married Job 
Chandler of Maryland; Sarah who also married a Maryland 
gentleman; and Elizabeth, who married John Michael, Sr., a 
member of the Board of Commissioners of Northampton 
County, Virginia. Her first husband died before August 15, 
1642, (See Records of Lower Norfolk, Vol. I., D. W. &C.,p. 6.) 
and she soon afterwards married Capt. John Gookin, but he 
died without issue, so far as is known. About 1645, she mar- 
ried her third husband, Capt Francis Yeardley, who is after- 
wards mentioned as Col. Francis Yeardley. If he left issue 
they have not been traced by the writer. Brown's Genesis of 
the United States, says that it is not believed he left issue. 


She died in 1657. (See William and Mary Quarterly Maga- 
zine, Vol. IV., No. 3, page 170.) 

From the foregoing it appears that of the three children 
of Sir George and Temperance (West) Yeardley, only Colonel 
Argall Yeardley left issue to perpetuate the name. Of the five 
children of Col. Argall Yeardley, above mentioned, Edmund 
and Henry died apparently without issue, leaving the descend- 
ants: Argall Yeardley, who married Sarah Michael; 4 Rose 
Yeardley, who married, first, Thomas Ryding, second, Robert 
Peale; and Frances Yeardley, who married Lt. Col. Adam 
Thorowgood. 5 

A. Captain Argall Yeardley, the eldest son and heir of 
Col. Argall Yeardley, married Sarah Michael, the eldest 
daughter of John Michael, Sr., of the Commission of North- 
ampton, and Elizabeth Thorowgood, his wife.* They were 

4. The Michael family came from Graft. Holland, but were supposed to be origi- 
nally from England. Captain John Michael was the first of the family who came to 
the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He was prominent colonist and a man of wealth. The 
Records of Northampton County, Virginia, mention his name a number of times in 
ways indicating his prominence. He was a Commissioner of Accomac: a Justice of the 
Peace, etc., 1665, and subsequent dates, (Vol. IX., p. 3, Northampton County Virginia 
Records). He came to Virginia from Graft, Holland, having been a merchant at that 
place; see agreement between the "Master of the Farewell and Rowd — from Amster- 
dam of the one part, and John Johnson and John Makule, both of Graft, of ye other, 
part, that the vessel now (1652) lying at Accomac shall go to Holland and load, etc.." 
(Northampton County Virginia Records, Vol. lf>51-4, July 3, 1652, p. 95, quoted by 
Bruce's Virginia, Vol. 1, p. 351; Power of Attorney dated April 12, 1649, Vol. 3, p. 184, 
Northampton County, Virginia Records). He married Elizabeth Thorogood, daughter 
of Capt. Adam Thorogood and Sarah Offley, and niece of Sir John Thorogood, of Ken- 
sington. (See extract of will of Adam Thorowgood, quoted in Va. Carolorum, p. 134, 
previously quoted. See deed of exchange dated April 9, 1866, Vol. 1657-66, p. 124 
Northampton County Records; Richmond Critic, Sept. 21, 1889, quoting land patents 
162-163, etc.) Their children were, so far as are known: a. Adam, who married Sarah, 
(born 1655, died 17201 daughter of Southey Littleton, and left descendants. Sarah 
subsequently married John Custis, of "Wilsonia." b. Margaret, who married John 
Custis, of "Wilsonia," and left descendants. (See will dated March 13, 1713, Vol. XIV, 
p. 57, etc., Northampton Co. Va. Records.) See inscription on his tombstone at "Wil- 
sonia," Northampton Co. Virginia. He was a son of Major General John Custis. of 
Arlington, c. Sarah, who married Argall Yeardle3 _ , son of George Yeardley and 
Temperance West. d. John Michael, Jr. e. Simon Michael. He subsequently mar- 
ried Mary, the widow of John Culpepper. (Vol. Xi P- 107 Northampton County Va. 
Records) and had: /. Yeardley Michael. (See deed of gift Angust 27, 1672, D. B. 10, 
p. 35; deed of gift, August 29, 1678, D. B. 10, p. 167: will dated Jan. 28. 1678-9. W. B. 10, 
p. 336). See note No. 5. 

5. John Thorogood, of Chelston Temple, Com Hertford, who married and had: 
Nicholas Thorogood and John Thorogood, the latter married, and had: John Thoro- 
good, of Felsted in Co. Essex, who married Luckin, and had: William Thorogood 

of Gumstone in Norfolk, official with diocese of Norwich, etc., who married Ann 
Edwards, of Norwich, and had: a. Sir Edward Thorogood. b. Sir John Thorogood, 
Kt., one of the pensioners to his Majesty. (See note Va. Carolorum, p. 134.) Married 

married in 1678 about the 23d of January (Vol. X., D. W. & C, 
p. 23, Northampton Co. Records). They left no son to reach 
manhood. (See deed of partition Vol. XII., p. 201, North- 
ampton Co. Records). He was High Sheriff of Northampton 
at the time of his death, which occurred in 1682. He, like his 
father, left no will on record on the Eastern Shore of Vir- 
ginia. After the death of her first husband, Sarah (Michael) 
Yeardley married John Watts, and had a son John Watts, 
and subsequently married Thomas Maddox, (See will of Sarah 
Maddox, March 20, 1694, Book XIII., p. 419, etc., Northamp- 
ton County Records.) 

Argall Yeardley and Sarah Michael's children were: 

a. Arg-all, who apparently died young-. 

b. John, who also apparently died young-. 

c. Elizabeth Yeardley married Georg-e Hartnanson — See Part II. 

d. Sarah Yeardley married John Powell — See Part III. 
e Frances Yeardley married John West — See Part IV. 

Frances Meantes (Brown's Genesis, etc., 948). e. Thomas Thorog-ood. d. Edmund 
Thorogood. c. William Thorog-ood. /. Capt. Ad irn Thorogood, who married Sarah 
Off ley : (See Va. His. and Biog-. Mag-., Vol. II, p. 415, etc., p. 422, etc; Va. Carolorum, p. 
134.) He was born 1603 and came to Virg-inia in 1621 in the "Charles," in his eig-hteenth 
year,) Va. Carolorum p. 74), was patentee of larg-e body of lands, (Bruce, Vol. II, p. 252). 
He represented Elizabeth City in the Assembly: 1629, 1631, 1632, etc. (Hening I., p. 149, 
170,179, 187, etc.; Va. Carolorum p. 71.); was a member of the Monthly Court of Eliza- 
beth City, 1632, (Va. Carolorum p. 90.), and a member of the Virg-inia Council, 1637, and 
President of the Court of Lower Norfolk. (Wm. & Mary Quarterly, Vol. lit. , p. 65, 
etc.; Va. Carolorum, s, 133, etc). He was one of the principal fig-ures in History of 
Virginia in 17th Century. (Bruce's Va., Vol. 11., p. 576), and left a large estate in lands 
and cattle — among- the cattle being- 107 goats. (Bruce Economic Hist, of Va., Vol. II., 
p 299; Norfolk Co. Records 1642-3, p. 38). His will is dated February 17, 1639-40, and 
probated April 27, 1640. Among other items is this: "My will and desire is that mv 
beloved friend Captain Thomas Willoughbie and Mr. Henry Seawell here in Virginia, 
and my dearly beloved brother, Sir John Thorogood, of Kensington, near London, 
and Mr. Alexander Harris, my wife's uncle living on Town Hill, shall be overseers of 
this, my last will and testament." (Neil's Va. Carolorum, p. 134). He named Norfolk 
Va., after Norfolk in England: (Forrest's Hist, of Norfolk, Va., p. 44, 45). His children 
were: a. Capt. Adam Thorogood (afterwards Lieutenant Colonel) who married about 
1648, Frances Yeardley: (See index Norfolk County Records; Va. Mag., Vol. I., p. 85. 
86; index to Bruce Economic History of Va.; Va. Carolorum p. 318). 6. Ann, married 
Job Chandler, Maryland Councillor. (As to Thorogood and Chandler, see Va. Mag., 
Vol. III., p. 91 and p. 321). c. Sarah, (See note Va. Carolorum, p. 134). d. Elizabeth 
Thorogood, who married Captain John Michael from Graft, Holland, and had issue. 

(Visitations of Essex, published by Harlian Society, p. 607.) 

(Ryley's Visitation of Middlesex.) 

(Harlian Mss. 1083, 29 b. 1094-1096-1184-1234-1468-1474-1476-1504-1546-1547-1553-6147 ad- 
ditional Mss. No. 5533 in British Museum.) 

Arms: Sable on a chief argent three buckles lozengy of the first. 

Crest: A wolf's head argent, collared sable. 

The Arms and Crest were confirmed to William, son of John, March 24th, 1620. 

(See note No. 4). 


See deed of partition, Vol. XII., p. 201, Northampton Co. 

See Vol. XII., p. 284, Northampton Co. Rec. 

B. Rose Yeardley, eldest daughter of Col. Argall Yeard- 
ley, married, first, Thomas Ryding, January 4, 1662. See Mar- 
riage Register Vol. 1657-'66, p. 68, Northampton. Co. Records. 
She, therefore, must have been a child of his first wife, as we 
may suppose she was more than 12 or 13 years old when she 
married. How long Thomas Ryding lived, or whether he left 
issue, I am uninformed. He lived near Nassawadox, in North- 
ampton Co., Va., and probably died there; and as no mention 
of any of her children either by him or by Robert Peale, her 
second husband, have been seen by your Correspondent, upon 
the Eastern Shore Records, we will, for the present, have to 
leave the matter in doubt. She had been sometime the wife 
of Peale on September 30th, 1684. (See Vol. II.. D. W. & C, 
p. 106, 207, Northampton Co. Va., Records.) 

C. Frances Yeardley, youngest daughter of Col. Argall 
Yeardley, married Lt. Col. Adam Thorogood, eldest son and 
heir of Capt. Adam and Sarah (Offley) Thorogood, previously 
mentioned. (See Note 4. ) They lived at Lynnhaven Bay in 
Norfolk Co., Virginia, where he became prominent, was Bur- 
gess for the County in 1666, and Justice in 1669. He died in 
1685. (See his will, Vol. IV., p. 217, Lower Norfolk Co. 
Records.^ They had issue: 

Adam (afterward Col. Adam), who rnarried Mary Mosely, and died 

in 1719, s. p. 

Robert, who married Blandina , and left a son Robert. 

William (afterwards Capt. William), married Patience . and 

died in 1723, leaving Arg-all, Mary, and Adam. 
Francis, who married Amy . and died Feb. 14, 1740. 

See Va. Mag. of Hist. & Biog., April No., 1895, p. 416. 

Elizabeth Yeardley, eldest surviving child of Capt. Ar- 
gall and Sarah (Michael) Yeardley, above mentioned, married 
George Harmanson. They lived at the home place called 
"Yeardley." He died in 1734. (See his will, Vol. XVIII., 
p. 123, Northampton Co. , Va. , Records. ) Their children were : 

1. Arg-all Harmanson, who married Barbara , and left two 

sons, Benjamin and George, who are mentioned in their 
grandfather's will, and possibly other children. 

2. Margaret Harmanson, who married Arthur Robins. 

3. Alicia, who married Hillary Stringer. 

4. Isabel, who married Harmanson. 

5. Bridgett. who married Littleton Eyre. 

6. Rose. 

7. Henrietta. 

See II. 

Sarah Yeardley, second daughter of Capt. Argall and 
Sarah (Michael) Yeardley, above mentioned, married John 
Powell, 6 and had issue: 

1. Sarah, who married John Haggoman. 

2. Yeardley. 

3. Margaret, who married Clark Jacob. 

4. Mary. 

5. Rose, who married Dr. Michael Christian, first, and after his 

deathWilliam Digbj- Seymour. 

See III. 

Frances Yeardeey, youngest daughter of Capt. Argall 
and Sarah (Michael) Yeardley, married John West, Jr., who 
afterwards became Major John West. After her death he 

married Josepha Maria , and died in 1718, about one 

year after his second marriage. Their children were: 

1. Argall Yeardley, who married . 

2. John, who married . 

3. Charles, who married . 

4. Thorogood. 

5. Ann, who married Nathaniel Holland. 

6. Thomas Powell, born prior to 157^, (See deposition May 25, 1659, Book 8, p. 1", 
Northampton County Va. Records, in which he stated that his age is "four score and 
odd). He came to Virginia in the "Sampson 7 ' 1618, and was on Eastern Shore of Vir- 
ginia, 1624, Hotten, p. 263). (See Vol. I., p. 115, Northampton Co. Va. Records). He was 
alive in 1662. (See deed of gift to Johnson & Hope, book 1657-"66, p. 96, Northamp- 
ton Co. Va. Records). He married Elizabeth , (See book 1, p. 150, Northampton- 
County Va. Records), and had issue: John Powell, who married and had 

issue: John Powell, who married Frances Wilkius, daughter of Nathaniel Wilkins, 
(See deed of gift, Nathaniel Wilkins to his daughter Frances Powell, February 7, 1698, 
9, Vol. XII., p. 214, 1692-1707. Northampton Co. Va. Records, in which he mentions his 
grandsons, Nathaniel Powell and John Powell), and had issue: a. Nathaniel Powell 
married Sarah . (See will, W. B.17, p. 326, recorded October 10, 1732, which men- 
tions children, John, George, Nicholas, Joseph. Ann and Jonathan), and (6) John Powell, 
who married Sarah Yeardley, daughter of Argall and Sarah (Michael) Yeardley. See 
deed of partition January 28, 1701, Northampton Co. Va. Records, (Vol. XII., p. 295.) He 
waS'Sheriff and Justice of Peace of Northampton County Va. 1702, and at later dates. 
( See Order Book 14, p. 534, May 30, 1710, Records Northampton Countv, Va.; etc., Va. Mag.. 
Vol. II., p. 10), and had issue. See will of John Powell, dated June 1, 1718, book 14, p. 
144, Northampton Co. Va. Records. See division of estate of John Powell and Sarah 
Will Powell, Book 17, p. 3, etc., p. 10. etc., Northampton County, Va. Records. 


6. Jemima, who married . 

7. Matilda, who married . 

8. Sarah, who married Isaac Smith. 

9. Joseph. 

All were children of Frances, except psssibly Joseph. (See will 
of Major John West. Vol. XVI., p. 31, Northampton County Records, 
February 6th, 1718.) 

See IV. 

We have now followed out the Yeardley name in Virginia 
as a family name until it became extinct. The following - will 
give the lines of descent of such of the descendants of Sir 
George and Lady Yeardley, as have been either traced by me 
or placed at my service. That this list will be very far from 
complete may be easily imagined. 



Elizabeth Yardley married Col. George Harmanson. The 
Hartnanson family is a very old and highly respected one on 
the Eastern Shore. Its members have allied with the best 
families always, and the traditional "black sheep" has appeared 
conspicuous by its absence. The family of Dr. Charles Har- 
manson, of Onancock, Va., are the sole representatives of the 
name here now so far as I know. Thomas Harmanson, the 
first of the name on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, was a 
German, born in the Dominion of Brandenburg, and of the 
Protestant religion. His naturalization papers were signed 
by Howard, Lord Effingham, 8th of June, 1680, and recorded 
24th October, 1684, (Vol. 1680 to 1692, No. 11, Northampton 
Co. Records.) His first wife is believed to have been an Elk- 
ington, a sister of Ann Elkington, who was the first wife of 
Capt. John Savage. His widow, Elizabeth, was "the heir 
and executrix of John Daniel." He died in 1690. (Vol. II. 
D. W. & C. p. 278, Northampton Co. Records). 

Col. George Harmanson was a lineal descendant of old 
Thomas. By his marriage to Elizabeth Yardley he acquired 
considerable property, in addition to his own, and purchased 


other land. He survived his wife and in his will mentions 
his son Argall and ArgalTs wife Barbara, and grandsons, 
Benjamin and George Harmanson, sons of Arg-all and Barbara. 
He also mentions his daughters, Margaret, the wife of Arthur 
Robins; Bridget, the wife of Littleton Eyre; Isabel, who 
married a Harmanson; Leshe (Alicia) wife of Hillary Stringer; 
Rose and Henrietta, and his granddaughter Sarah Har- 
manson, who was a daughter of Isabel, and grandson, Ken- 
dall Harmanson, (who subsequently appears to have been a 
son of Isabel, although it is not so stated in his will.) They 

I. Arg^all Harmanson, who married Barbara and had issue 

hereafter mentioned. 
II. Margaret Harmanson, who married Arthur Robins. 

III. Bridget Harmanson, who married Littleton Eyre. 

IV. Isabel Harmanson, who married Harmanson and had: 

a. Kendall Harmanson, who married Anna and 

had (See his will, Vol. 21 D. W. & C. p. 86, North- 
ampton County Records), (1) John, (2) Isabel and 
(3) Elizabeth. 
V. Alicia Harmanson. who married Hillary Stringer. 
VI. Rose Harmanson. 
VI" Henrietta Harmanson. 

Argall Harmanson and Barbara, his wife, above men- 
tioned, had: 

1. Benjamin Harmanson, who married Elizabeth , 

and had: 

j. Katherine, who married Justice. 

b. Elishe, who married - Kendall. 

c. Elizabeth, who married Kendall. 

d Esther, who married Respress, and died before her mother. 

e. John Kendall. 

He left a grandson, John Harmanson. Benjamin died 
before his wife. See will of Elizabeth Harmanson, Vol. 21, 
D. W. & C, p. 292, 3rd August 1757, Northampton Co. Records. 

2. George Harmanson, who married Hanna and 

had: (See his will, Vol. 22, p. 398, Dec. 15, 1761, Northampton 
Co. Records. ) 

a. Elizabeth. 

b. Mary. 

c. Susanna (was born in 1755) married Dr. John Winder, of Som- 

erset County, Maryland, (17th July, 1783) and left a numerous 


posterity as appears hereafter. He died 19th June, 1799. 
She was his second wife — his first wife having- been Bettie 
Jones, of Somerset County, Maryland, by whom he had two 
children — William, who died s.p., and Dr. Thomas Winder, 
who married Miss Harriet Handy, of Maryland, and re- 
moved to Natchez, Miss., and were the ancestors of numerous 
descendants in the far South. 
d. John Harmanson. 

Barbara Harmanson survived her husband Argall. 
Susanna Harmanson and Dr. John Winder above men- 
tioned had: 

1. John Harmanson Winder, born June 2, 1784. He 
married first: Comfort Quinton Gore, of Maryland, who bore 
him (1) Lauretta Anne, who married Thomas Littleton Sav- 
age and died s.p. 2. Charlotte Louisa, who married Wm. 
P. Nottingham and had one child, Comfort Quinton Gore 
Nottingham, a woman of great culture, who married Rob- 
inson Nottingham, of Northampton County, Virginia, and 
has no children, and (3) Susan Comfort Winder, who married 
June 3, 1835, Dr. Robert Major Garrett, Mayor of the 
city of Williamsburg, and Superintendent of the Virginia 
Eastern Hospital, and had children as hereafter mentioned. 
John Harmanson Winder subsequently married Sarah Snead, 
and had Rose C. Winder, who became the second wife of 
Judge George Seth Guion, of Louisiana, and died s.p., and 
Lieutenant John Edward Winder of the Confederate Army, 
and who is yet unmarried. 

2. Mary Harmanson Winder, born October 21, 1785, died 
March, 1862, s.p. 

3. Dr. George Harmanson Winder, born February 9, 
1789, died December 18, 1823, married Mrs. Haller nee Hudgins, 
and had issue hereafter mentioned. 

4. Nathaniel James Winder, born December 6, 1794, and 
died August 2, 1844. He was a Barrister and for many years 
Clerk of both Superior and Inferior Courts of Northampton 
County, Va. He married Sarah Upshur Bayley (daughter of 
Richard D. Bayley and Sarah Upshur, his wife) on October 8, 
1826, and had issue hereafter mentioned. 

Susan Comfort Winder and Dr. Robert Major Garrett, 
above mentioned, had: 

1. Robert Major Garrett, Jr., who died in infancy. 


2. William Robertson Garrett, who was a Captain in the 
Confederate States Army, formerly Superintendent of Public 
Instruction for Tennessee, President of the National Educa- 
tional Association, and now Professor of American History 
in the Peabody Xormal College at Nashville, Tennessee, and 
editor of the American Historical Magazine. He married 
Miss Julia Flournoy Batte, of Pulaski, Tenn.. and had: 

Robert Major, deceased; William Batte; Edward Feild, 
deceased; Van Winder; Susan Mildred, deceased; Julia Flour- 
noy; John Flournoy; and Lauretta Yardley. 

3. Comfort Anna Garrett, deceased. 

4. Susan Winder Garrett, deceased. 

5. Henry Winder Garrett, a lawyer, died s.p. 

6. Dr. Van Franklin Garrett, Professor of Chemistry at 
William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia, who 
married April 29th, 1S96, Miss Harriet Nichoils, daughter of 
the Hon. Francis Tillou Nichoils, of New Orleans. La. 

7. Charlotte Gore Garrett. 

8. Mary Winder Garrett. 

9. Susan Comfort Garrett. 

Dr. George Harmanson Winder and Mrs. Haller, nee 
Hudgins, had: 

1. John Holden Winder, who married Margaret Har- 
wood, of King and Queen County, Va.. and had issue: 

a. Sarah Winder. 

b. Mary Winder. 

c. Anna Winder. 

d. George Winder, whose descendants, if any. are unknown. 

e. Julia Winder, who married Swift, for her first husband 

and had issue. Winder. Carter. Sarah. Mary. Alma and 
George. Winder. Mary. Alina and George are all dead, 
and Sarah is unmarried. After the death of Mr. Swift. 
his widow married James Wingfold. but l^ft no issue by 

2. Levin Yeardley Winder, an officer in Confederate 
States Army) who married Anna Decormis. (now dead > and 

a. Anna Glanville. who married Joseph Barrett and had Annie. 

Eugenia. Xellie and Ruth. 

b. Mary Sue, who married Arthur Segar and had Arthur, 

Charlotte, Missouri, Campbell and Winder. 


c. Laura Penelope, married C. N. Campbell and had Mary, (died 

s.p..) Laura and Charles. 

d. Levin Yeardley died 1878, unmarried. 

e. Cornelia Hampton, unmarried. 
/. Frank, unmarried. 

i,'. Kate, i 

h. Henry. ' diedin infa » c y- 

i. Rosalie Hildegrave (now dead) married George Lindsay, and 

had Georg-ia, Robert Winder dead, Cornelia, Ellen and 


Of the above, Anna Glauville and Mary Sue;andKate and 
Henry were twins. 

3. Penelope Winder, married Richard Roper Garrett, a 
brother of Dr. Robert Major Garrett, and had, George Rich- 
ard Garrett, who married Mary Chisman, of Hampton, Va., 
and had Penelope and Eliza. 

4. Laura Winder, who was the second wife of Richard 
Roper Garrett, and had: 

a. Penelope. 

b. Mary Louisa, who married Moses T. Hughes and had one child, 

Richard, who. married Mary Atkinson and died leaving- two 
children, viz: Richard Marshall and Mary Lou. 

c. Florence, who married Dr. Mallory Shield, of Little England, 

Va.. and had Mary Shield, born 1873, Florence Mallory 
Shield, born 1875. 

d . Laura, who married George S. Booker, of Hampton, Va., and 

had, George Selwyn Booker, born 1876, Mary Louise Booker, 
born 187 c >. Anna Booker", born 1882, Florence Shield Booker, 
born 1889. 
('. Alexander, who married Laura Slaughter. 

5. Mary Susan Winder, married Decormis, of Vir- 
ginia and had issue, Mary Winder Decormis. who married 
Thomas Hughes and had Mary Susan who married Samuel 
Dowdy, Annie Winder Hughes (dead), Nannie Hughes mar- 
ried Burros, Sarah Hughes and Jane Hughes. 

Nathaniel James Winder and Sarah Upshur Bay ley, above 
mentioned, had: 

1. Dr. Richard Bayley Winder, D.D.S., of Baltimore, 
Md., who was Major in the Confederate army and afterwards 
Dean of the College of Dental Surgery of Baltimore, Md., 
and one of the founders of that Institution. He married 
three times: (the first two wives being sisters ) 

First, Elizabeth Custis, and had no issue. 


Second, Sarah Custis, and had two children: 

a. Richard Bayle}' Winder, married Catherine Street, of Mary- 

land, and has one son. Richard Bayley Winder. 

b. Mary Custis Winder, married H. A. Miller, of Baltimore, Md.. 

and has one son. Henry A. Miller. 

Third, Kate Dorsey, of Maryland, and had no issue. 

2. Sarah Caroline Winder, married Dr. George Ker, of 

Eastville, Va., recently deceased, and had: 

a. Ella Kerr, unmarried. 

b. George Kerr, recently killed in a railroad accident- 

3. Mary Catherine Winder married Major Charks How- 
ard, of Baltimore, Md., who became a Major ic the Con- 
federate Army on General Elzer's staff and had: 

a. Charles Howard. 

b. Elizabeth Key Howard, who married Mr. James Tyson, of 

Baltimore, Md.. and has a daughter, Evelyn. 

c. Ruth Howard, unmarried. 

(/. Nannie Howard, who married Captain Orris A. Browne, of 
Northampton County, Va.. who was an officer in Confeder- 
ate States Navy and on board of the Confederate States 
Steamer Shenandoah. They have one daughter, born Aug. 
13th, 1896. 

e. Rose Howard, unmarried. 

The mother of Major Charles Howard was a daughter of 
Francis Key, who wrote 4, The Star Spangled Banner." 

For the above descendants of Elizabeth Yardley and Col. 
George Harmanson see the Winder pedigree owned by Miss 
Mary Winder Garrett, of Williamsburg, Va. 


Sarah Yeardley, second daughter of Captain Argall and 
Sarah (Michael) Yeardley, married John Powell, who was the 
son of John Powell and Frances Wilkins, his wife, 7 and had 
is-u. : 

7. See deed of gift, Nathaniel Wilkins to his daug-hter France-, Potvell, Vol. XII., 
p. 214, Northampton Co. Records; deed of partition. Vol. XII., p. 294. He was Sheriff 
and Justice of the Peace in 1702. and at later dates. 


1. Sarah Powell, who married John Haggornan, (See Order Book 

17, p. 88, Northampton County Records.) 

2. Yeardley Powell. 

3. Marg-aret Powell, who married Clark Jacob. 

4. Mary Powell. 

5. Rose Powell, who married Dr. Michael Christian, December 7, 

1722. See Marriage Bond, December 3, 1722, on file, North- 
ampton County Records. After Dr. Christian's death, she 
married William Dig-by Seymour. See Marriage Bond, Feb- 
ruary 10, 1736, on file in Clerk's Office at Eastville, Va. She 
left issue by both husbands. 8 

Rose Powell, and Michael Christian, last mentioned, had; 

a. Michael, who married Patience Michael, December 30, 1747. 
See Marriage Bond on file at Eastville, Va. They left de- 

/>. William, who married Kesiah Blair (widow) June 7, 1750. They 
left descendants as below. 

c. Sarah, who married. 

d. Elizabeth who married Robert James, December 15, 1753. They 

left descendants. 

e. Susannah Christian, who married about Sept. 8, 1755. Luke 

Luker.'' See Marriage Bond and Consent, dated Sept. 8, 1755; 
see will of Luke Luker, December 17, 1773, W. B. 1772-77, p. 

18«, Accomac County Records. 

On the death of her husband she married James Coxe, of 
the town of Shelbourne, Nova Scotia — See deed July 24, 1784, 
to Edward Kerr, of Accomac Co., Va., Book 1783-88, p. 145, 
Accomac County Records. And on death of Susannah, which 
was prior to July 24, 1784, he (Coxe) married Elizabeth Bay- 
ley, daughter of Charles Bayley, of Pungoteague, Va. See 
last mentioned deed. The division of the estate of Luke 
Luker. Sept. 25, 1781, mentions widow of Luke Luker, as Susan 
Coxe. See W. B. 1780-84, p. 188, Accomac County Records. 
She left numerous descendants by her first husband, but only 

8. See division of John and Sarah Powell estate, Will Book XVII., p. 3, in, North- 
ampton County. Va.. Records; will of Michael Christian, dated December 20, 1735, W.B, 
XVIII., p. 137: appraisement estate of same, W. B. XVIII., p. 155: division of estate of 
same, July 2. 1745, \V. li. XIX., p. 204, Northampton C, Va., Records. 

c >. Luke I.uker lived in "St George's Parish." in the lower end of Accomac County, 
Va. He was a Vestryman of that Parish, February 23. 1763, to the day of his death, 
about October 24. 1774. On the latter day the following entry was made on Vestry Book 
of the Parish: "At a Vestry held at the house of William Grotten for St. George's Par- 
ish, October 24, 1774 * * * * This day the Vestry elected Thomas Bayley as a Ves- 
try man in the room of Luke Luker. deceased." ( See Vestry Book, p, 1-22, on file at Ac- 
comac C. H., Va.) This Church has irreverently been termed "Ace of Clubs" Church, 
on account of the peculiarity of its original construction— the interior being- (prior to 
its partial destruction by the Federal troops during 1861-65, who used it as a stable) La 
the shape of an "Ace of Clubs." He was a Tobacco Inspector at Addison Landing, in 
Accomac, and Nassawaddox, iu Northampton. See bond on file at Eastville, dated 
April 12, 1757. 


one daughter by her second husband, viz: Catherine, who 

married first, Moore, and second, Fennel], who 

left one daughter, Susan, who married Levin Coxe. the 
latter died without issue. 

William Christian, married Keziah Blair (widow ) and 
had issue: a. Catherine: b. Edward, drowned in Chesa- 
peake Bay; c. Captain William. 

a. Catherine — Married Rev. Richard Ames and had: 

1. George Christian Ames, who married Hester W. Milby. 

2. John Ashbur3' Ames, who married Adelade Hack, 
r. Captain William married Catherine Ker and had: 

1. Col. William Armistead, who married Elizabeth Seymour. 
George Christian Ames and Hester, his wife, had three 
sons and one daughter: 

a. Rev. Alfred Augustus H. Ames married Ann Upshur Bay ley 

Seymour — see Sej'mour line — and had: 

1. Ann Seymour Ames, unmarried. 

2. George Christian Ames. 

b. George E. W. Ames died unmarried. 

c. John C. Ames died unmarried. 

d. Lizzie M. Ames married Rev. C. H. Hall. D.D., of Brook lyn 

N. Y. and had issue. 

John Ashbury Ames married Adelade Hack and had a 
daughter, Charlotte, who married Thomas H. Perrie, of 
Prince George Co., Va., and had several children. 

Capt. William Christian and Catherine (Kerj had: Col. 
William Armistead Christian, who married Elizabeth Seymour 
and had three children. 

1. George. 

2. Lizzie. 

3. William Seyuiour. 

George Christian married Elizabeth Henderson and left 

one son William Seymour Christian. Jr., who married Sarah 

Core and left five children: 

Rupert (dead), George Seymour, (dead), Gertrude, who married Mr. 
Core, Florence, who married Mr. Hutchinson, and Orion (dead). 

Lizzie Christian died young and unmarried. 

William Seymour Christian Sr., married Susan Wilkins, 
and had a daughter Lizzie, who died in childhood. 

Note.— The parents of Elizabeth Seymour, wife of Col. William A. Christian, are 
unknown to the writer, but she was a descendant of Wm. Dipby Sevmour and Rose 
'Powell) his wife. 


Susannah Christian and Luke Luker (last mentioned) 

1. Elizabeth, who married Thomas Custis, and had but one daugh- 

ter, Susan, who married John Evans, and died without chil- 
dren. See her will Jan. 26, 1820, Book Cir. Ct. Records, Ac- 
comac Co., p. 301. 

2. Rose, who married Dr. John C. Martin, of Snow Hill, Maryland, 

and left issue. 

3. Anne, died unmarried. 

4. Sarah, who married Tully Wise and left issue. 

5. Susan Luker, who married Rev. Griffin Callahan, and left issue: 

Rose Luker and Dr. John C. Martin, above mentioned, 
left among their children a daughter, Susan C, who married 
James Upshur, of Northampton Co., Va., being his second 
wife. She was born March 6th, 1785, and died May 13th, 1823. 
She bore her husband five children, viz: 

a. Rosina Martin Upshur, born April 6th, 1811, who mar- 
ried Wm. W. Johnston, a merchant of Princess Anne, Mary- 
land, and left issue: 

1. Ellen, who married Dr. George R. Dennis, who was afterwards 

a United States Senator from Maryland, and had: a. Wil- 
liam, who married , and left issue; b. Rose, who 

married Mr. Ake,of Philadelphia, Pa.; c. George, unmarried; 
d. James, unmarried; e. Ellen, who married Mr. Jones, of 
Somerset Co., Maryland. 

2. Emily, unmarried. 

3. Sarah, died s. p. 

4. Upshur, died s. p. 

5. Dr. Samuel, who is now a celebrated physician in Baltimore, 

Md., a specialist on lung and throat diseases, who married 
Miss Banny Stewart, of Baltimore, and has no descendants. 

6. Maggie, died s. p. 

7. Hobart, died s. p. 

h. Ann Emmerson Upshur, died s. p. 

r. Elizabeth Mary Upshur, died s. p. 

<L Dr. George Martin Upshur, born October, 10th, 1817, 
died June 27th, 1877. He married first, Priscilla Townsend, 
of Maryland, and second, Sophie . 

He had by his first wife: 

1. James Upshur, died s. p. 

2. George Martin Upshur, a lawyer, of Baltimore, Md., late of 

Snow Hill, who was a few years ago Speaker of the Maryland 


House of Delegates. He married Miss Emma Franklin, of 
Maryland, and had a daughter, Priscilla, and other children. 

3. Levin Upshur, who married and left issue: 

4. Rosina Upshur, who married Pope, and lives in Bal- 

timore, Md. She has children. 

5. John Upshur, died unmarried. 

6. Susan Upshur, who also married. 

He had by his second wife: 

7. Francis Upshur, who married . 

8. William Upshur, who died s. p. 

e. Wilmer Martin Upshur, died s. p. 

Sarah Luker and Tully Wise, above mentioned, had issue: 

a. Susan Wise, who married W. O. Parker, and had issue: 

1. John W. H. Parker, who married Sarah A. Topping-, of Onan- 

cock, Virginia, and had: 

a. Susan Parker, who married D. D. Fletcher. 

b. Phcebe Parker, who married Robt. P. Custis, and had issue. 

c. Tully Parker, who married Agnes Parker, and had issue. 

2. Tully Parker, who married first, Margaret Evans, and had: 

a. Susan Parker, who married Edward H. Custis, and have 


b. Margaret Parker, who married Thomas H. B. Corbin. 

and have issue. 
And married second, Susan Neery, and had: 

c. Charles Parker, of San Francisco, Cal. 

d. Mary Parker, who married Augustus Dodge. 

b. Tabitha Wise, and Edmund R. Custis had issue: 

1. Mary Wise; 2. Sarah Wise, both of whom married Dr. W. S. 
Horsey, and left no issue. 

c. Martha Wise, who married Henry T. Riley, had no 

d. Tully R. Wise, who married Margaret Doug-las Pet- 
tit Wise (a sister of the late Ex-Gov. Henry A. Wise, of Vir- 
ginia) and left issue; 

1. Peyton Wise, who married Laura Mason Chilton, of Richmond, 

Virginia, and have issue. 

2. Sarah Elizabeth Wise died unmarried. 

3. Tully R. Wise. 

4. John Henry Wise, of San Francisco, Cal., married Sarah Ann 

Merker, and have issue. 

5. James Madison Wise, who married Ann Dent Dunlap, and have 


—20— * 

6. George Douglass Wise, ex-member of Congress, from 3rd Con- 

gressional District of Virginia, not married. 

7. Franklin Morgan Wise, married Ellen Tompkins, and has issue. 

8. Lewis Warrington Wise, of Durham, N. C. 

e. Sarah Wise, who married Dr. Thomas P. Bagwell, and 
had issue: 

1. Anna Bagwell, who married Dr. Dennis Claude Handy, An- 

napolis, Md.. and had: 

a. Anna Hand)'; b. Elizabeth Handy; c. Claude Handy. 

2. George H. Bagwell, who married Rose Dix Twyford, and had: 

a. Adele Bagwell, b. Werner Bagwell, c. Thomas Bagwell, 
d. Hattie Bagwell, e. Eddie Bagwell, /. Faith Bag- 
well, g. George McDonald Bagwell, and //. Katherine 

3. Edmond R. Bagwell, who married Margaret Douglas Bagwell, 

and had: 

a. Catherine, who married Thomas B. Quinby, and have: 

Edmund, Upshur, and Richardson. 

b. Margaret, who married Edward R. Leatherbury, and has 

a son, Douglas. 

c. Lily, who married Mr. Capehart, from North Carolina, 

and have: Ashburne, Douglas, and Margaret P. 

4. Sarah Bagwell, married Thomas R. Joynes, and have: 

a. Alice, and b. Marnie, who married Mr. Griffith, and has: 
Ruth, Helen, and Virginia. 

"5. Thomas H. Bagwell never married. 

6. Elizabeth Bagwell, married Edward Leatherbury, and have: 

a. Sarah, b. Thomas, and c. Eva. 
/'. Elizabeth Wise never married. 
g. John R. Wise, who married Eliza Coward, and had: 

1. Sarah Wise, who married George Powell. 

2. Catherine Wise, who married Hugh Powell. 

Susan Luker and Rev. GrifBn Callahan, 1 " mentioned above, 

10. Rev. Griffin Callahan was born 1759, and was a minister of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church, being admitted into the Travelling Connection of that Church at the 
Baltimore Conference, September 10, 1788. (Minutes of Conference, at Methodist His- 
torical Rooms, Tenth and Arch Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.) He preached in Frederick. 
Maryland Circuit. 1788, and afterwards on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia, 
He lived for a considerable time at a place called "Mockhorn" a short distance above 
Drummondtown; subsequenllj- on Folly Creek and after sards at Locust Mount, Acco- 
mac Co., Virginia. He was a popular minister. His record of marriages of record at 
Accomac C. H. is unusually large. (See Marriage Record Book, 1800 etc , Accomac C. 
H., Va. ) He died August 22ud, 1833, age 74 jears He was buried in the churchyard of 
old "Burton's Meeting House," near Locust Mount. Accomac County, Va. 


a. Elizabeth Luker Callahan, who, January 23d. 1842. married Dr. 
Gustavus Henr3* Kreegar, of Germany, at St. Paul's M. E- 
Church, Catherine Street above Sixth. Philadelphia, by Rev. 
Thomas J. Thompson. See original of marriage record at St. 
Paul's M. E. Church. Catherine above Sixth Street, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. He died April 9. 1872. She died April 16, 1888. 
without issue. Both were buried in the churchyard of St. 
Paul's Church. 

/>. Griffin Wesley Callahan, who. December 28th, 1828. married 
Leah Ashby. daughter of Thomas and Margaret < Beach i 
Ashby, and granddaughter of Thomas and Susan (Heath | 
Ashby, and of Kendal and Rosina (Nock) Beach, of Accomac 
County, Virginia, by Rev. Joseph Burton, at Locust Mount. 
Accomac County. Va. (See Record of Marriages at Accomac 
C. H. — not paged or indexed). They left issue, hereafter 
mentioned. He died March 1st. 1841. and was buried at the 
Ashbj' homestead at Locust Mount. Accomac Co., Va.. in the 
private burial ground of the Ashby family. She died Feb- 
ruary 26th. 1895, and was buried at Cradduckville. M. E. 
Church, in the lower end of Accomac County. Virginia. 

c. Susan Christian Callahan, who married. July 29th, 1839. George 

Osborne Sneath. of Philadelphia, at Ebenezer M. E. Church, 
Christian Street above Third. Philadelphia. Pa., by Rev. 
Levi Scott. Original record at Church, Third and Christian 
Streets, Philadelphia. Pa. He died June 2nd. 1842. She died 
November 3rd. 1892. and left no issue. Both were buried in 
St. Paul's M. E- Church yard, Philadelphia. Pa. 

d. Sarah Callahan, who married William Farson. of Philadelphia. 

Pa. She died young and without issue. She was buried in 
Ebenezer M. E. Church yard. 

e. John Wesley Callahan, died a young man and unmarried. 

f. Ann Luker Callahan married. December 15. 1830, Joseph 

Michael Doran. n by Rev. B. Weed, at St. George's M. E. 
Church, Fourth Street, below Vine. Philadelphia, Pa. Orig- 
inal records at Church, copy at Pennsylvania Historical Soci- 
ety. They had issue, hereafter mentioned. He died June 6th. 
1859. She died April 30. 1883. Both were buried in St. Mary's 

11. Joseph Michael Doran. was born in Philadelphia. November Id. 1800. He was 
the son of Michael Doran. of Mountreath, Queens County. Ireland, and of Mary Lalor. 
of Kings County. Ireland. Michael Doran arrived in Philadelphia. January 5. 1795, 
where he resided until his death. Joseph M. Doran. graduated at the University of 
Pennsylvania in 1820, studied law in the office of Joseph R. Iugersoll. and was admitted 
to the Philadelphia Bar. April 3, 1824. He was Solicitor for the District of Southward in 
1835. a member of the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention of 183", and Judge of the 
Court of General Sessions. 1840— 43. He was President of the Repeal Association of 
Philadelphia. He died June 6, 1859. and was buried in St. Mary's Church yard. Fourth 
Street, above Spruce. (See "Biographical Encyclopaedia of Pennsylvania." p. 76. Also 
Campbell's History of Hibernian Society, pp. 395-6 1. 


R. C. Church yard, Fourth Street above Spruce, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Griffin Wesley Callahan and Leah (Ashbj) Callahan, his 
wife, above mentioned had: 

a. Margaret Susan Callahan, born February 27th, 1830, 
married, March 24, 1847, George Scarburg West, of Accomac 
County, Va., by Rev. J. W. Elliott. See Register of Mar- 
riages, Accomac C. H., 1847, p. 48. Died November 22nd, 
1893, and had children: 

1. George Edris West, died in infancy. 

2. Thomas Mitchell West, born September 2nd, 1849, Married No- 

vember 22, 1870, Anna I. Johnson, and had: 

a. Annie Susan West, born December 4, 1871, married John 
C. Finney, April 27, 1892, and had a daughter, Alice 
Leah Finney, born January 7, 1893. 

/>. Lillian May West, born November 22, 1874, married Octo- 
ber — , 1893, Frederick Lewis, of Onancock, Va. 

c. Ethel Margaret West, born January 2, 1880. 

d. Mary Ellen West, born December 7, 1884. 

3. Margaret Rogers West, born April 23, 1853, married, April 16, 

1869, Benjamin F. Davis, and had: 

a. George West Davis, born October 13, 1871, married . 

b. Frank Hudson Davis, born June 11, 1879. 

c. Warner Hyslop Davis, born December 16, 1888. 

4. George Griffin West, born June 23, 1855, married, December 9, 

1876, Lena E. Ames, and had: 

a. Vernetta Susan West, born January 17, 1878. 

b. George Levin West, born March 31. 1880. 

c. Mitchell Scarburg West, born September 13, 1884. 

d. Margaret Rogers West, born August 16, 1886. 

5. John Edris West, born October 22. 1857, married, October 19, 

1876, Florence B. Sieker, and had: 

a. Emma Sue West, born December 9, 1877. 

b. Roger Sieker West, born April 30, 1880. 

c. Edgar Allen West, born September 18, 1885. 

d. John Earle West, born May 17, 1892. 

6. Susan Elizabeth West, born February 22, 1869, married, Decem- 

ber 6, 1887, Arthur P. Martin, and had issue: 

a. Mary Susan Martin, born January 4, 1889. 

b. Marion E. Martin, born April 10, 1891. 

c. Ai-thur P. Martin born October 17, 1893. 

d. Margaret Rogers Martin. June 10, 1895. 

b. John Wesley Callahan, born October 22, 1833, mar- 
ried, January 20, 1856, Prudence Ann Sweeney, daughter of 


James Sweeney, of Philadelphia, Pa., and Prudence (Sisom) 
Sweeney, of Burlington, N. J., and had children, hereafter 

c. Ann Elizabeth Callahan, born October 5, 1833, died 
October 5, 1842. 

d. Mary Rose Callahan, born August 11, 1836, married 
James Floyd, of Northampton Co., Va., and has one son, John 
Floyd, of Marionville, Northampton Co., Va., who married a 
Miss Justice, and had issue. 

e. Thomas Griffin Callahan, born June 3, 1838, died Sep- 
tember 17, 1842. 

John Wesley Callahan and Prudence (Sweeney) Callahan, 
above mentioned, had: 

a. Annie Maryland Callahan, born November 6, 1856, 
married, July 19, 1878, Charles T. Graham, of Philadelphia, 
Pa , by Pastor of Third Baptist Church, and have: 

1. Annie May Graham, born Nov. 29. 1880. 

2. Lillian Graham, born Sept. 1, 1885. 

b. Leah Virginia Callahan, born July 19, 185 ( », married, 
February 20, 1886, Thomas Auner, of Philadelphia, Pa-, by 
Rev. Snyder B. Simes, of Old Swedes ( Gloria Dei) Church. 
Thomas Auner died August 23rd, 1896, and had: 

Edmund Cadwalader Auner, born March 10. 1890. 

c. Griffin Clay Callahan, born November 29, 1861, mar- 
ried February 6, 1883, Ida Virginia Williams, born March 4, 
1864, daughter of Charles and Bella I Reisner) Williams of 
Philadelphia, Pa., by Rev. J. R. Miller, Pastor of Holland 
Memorial Presbyterian Church, at Parsonage, No. 420 South 
Fifteenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and have: 

1. Griffin Ellwood Callahan, born August 1, 1884. 

2. Albert Clay Callahan, born October 12, 1885, died June 22. 1887. 

3. Doran Sisom Callahan, born April 17, 1892. 

d. John Wesley Callahan, born March 11, 1864. 

c. Kate Eliza Callahan, born April 11, 1866, died January 

9, 1885. 

f. Lillie Sisom Callahan, born March 7, 1868, died March 

10, 1880. 

g. George West Callahan, born December 16, 1871, mar- 
ried, December 4, 1895, Renta Louise Glenz. 


h. Mary Susan Callahan, born August 19, 1873. 
/. Florence Selby Callahan, born January 8, 1877. 

Joseph Michael Doran and Ann Luker (Callahan) Doran, 
above mentioned, had: 

a. Alice L,alor Doran, born February 28, 1842, died February 10, 


b. Joseph Ing-ersoll Doran. born January 17, 1844, hereafter men- 

r. Virginia Doran, born April 9, 1846, died March 18, 1857. 
d. John Ashley Doran, born March 23, 1848, died December 31, 1855. 

There were four other children who died in infancy. 

Joseph Ing-ersoll Doran, 1 ' above mentioned, born January 
17, 1844, married, December 12, 1876, Ida Warner Erwin, 
daughter of Joseph Warner Erwin and Caroline (Borden) Er- 
win, of Philadelphia, Pa., and granddaughter of Henry Er- 
win and Rebecca Ashton (Warner) Erwin. of Philadelphia, 
Pa., and of Samuel Borden and Catherine D. Upjohn Borden, 
of Cincinnati, Ohio, and have: 

1. Marie Louise Doran, born September 16, 1877. 

12. Joseph I. Doran, a prominent lawyer of Philadelphia, and lor many years past 
associated in practice with Hon. John C. Bullitt, was born in Philadelphia, January 17. 
1844. He received his preliminary education in private schools, principally that of John 
W. Faires. by whom he was prepared to enter the University of Pennsylvania. He re- 
mained, however, at the Uaiversity but a short time, and in the fall of 1860 he entered 
the office of John C Bullitt, first as a clerk, then as a student of law. He was admitted 
to the bar in April, 1865. Two years subsequently he was admitted to practice in the 
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Mr. Doran"s practice has been confined to that of 
railroad and general corporation law. He is Consulting- Counsel of many corporations, 
and has been General Solicitor of the Noriolk & Wesiern Railroad since the organiza- 
tion of that company. Like his honored father, he has devoted himself with great zeal 
and earnestness to his chosen profession, and his bnsiness, during his many years of 
busy practice, has grown to larg-e, laborious and exacting proportions. Preserving his 
habits of industry, study, and close application, he has also broug-ht to the discharge of 
the manifold duties of his calling, a clear and conscientious conception of every obliga- 
tion, and an ability as unquestioned in degree as it has been prolific in emolument. 
From about 1880 he has been closely identified with the development — which started at 
that time, and which has since been so rapid and successful — of the coal and iron dis- 
tricts o' Virginia and West Virginia. In 1876, he read an interesting- and suggestive 
paper before the American Social Science Convention, on the subject of "Building As- 
sociations,-' which attracted much attention. His pamphlet on "Our Fishery Rights in 
the North Atlantic," published in 1888, was an exhaustive investigation of this intricate 
and import *nt subject, and was received generally as a forcible argument, and the best 
statement of the American side of the fishery question. The Philadelphia Ledger 
spoke of it as a "brief, pungent and able pamphlet," and the Boston Evening Tran- 
script considered it "one of the most satisfactory contributions to the literature of the 
fishery controversy." These studies were diversions from Mr. Poran's close attention 
to the details of his large and extending practice, which almost exclusively occupies 
hi« time and thoughts. 


2. Joseph Erwin Doran, born November 1, 1878; died February 

24, 1*887. 

3. Alice Theresa Doran, born March 16, 1881. 

4. John Henry Doran, born May 31, 1883. 

5. Caroline Borden Doran, born September 24, 1884. 

6. Josephine Lalor Doran, born March 31, 1886. 

7. Warner Erwin Doran, born December 18, 1887. 

Rose Powell, widow of Michael Christian, above men- 
tioned, married second, William Dig-by Seymour (born about 
1738) and had one son: 

1. Rev. William Seymour, born October 1, 1773, who 
married twice: 

1st. Elizabeth Revell Ker, July 9, 1795. 

2nd. Isabella Bowman, August 29, 1811 and had a daugh- 
ter, Leah, who married Covington Cropper, son of Gen. John 
Cropper, and had a daughter Isabella, who died without issue; 
also a son George Seymour, who married Margaret Rogers, 
and has descendants, among them a daughter, Elizabeth, who 
married Col. Wm. A. Christian and had George, Wm. Seymour, 
and Elizabeth. For further particulars see the descendants 
of Dr. Michael Christian in this article. 

His children by first wife were: 

a. Dr. Hugh Gordon Seymour, married Elizabeth Custis (Fisher), 

and left no issue. He was born 1797. 

b. Wm. Dig-by Seymour, born September, 1800, married Ann Up- 

shur Bayley, October 10, 1826, and had: 

1. Elizabeth Corbin Ker Seymour, who married Chas. W. 

Carrigan, and had : 

a. William Seymour Carrigan, who married Clara Mc- 

Clellan, and had: 

William Seymour, Robert McClellan, and Chas. W. 

b. Eliza F. Carrigan, who married Isaac Scott Smyth. 

Jr., and have Isaac Scott Smyth, 3rd. 

c. Hugh Gordon Seymour Carrigan, who married Eliz- 

abeth Crawford Love and had a daughter Eliza- 
beth Love Carrigan, died minor. 

d. Charles W. Carrigan, Jr., died minor. 

e. Stokes Boyd Carrigan, who married Reba Blanche 

/. Ann Bayley Carrigan died minor. 

2. Anne Upshur Bayley Seymour, who married Rev. Alfred 

H. H. Ames, and have: (See George Chrestean Ames 
ind Hester Wilby — preceding pages.) 


a. Ann Seymour Ames. 

b. Georg-e Christian Ames. 

3. "William Digfb3 r Seymour, unmarried. 

4. Edmund Baj-ley Seymour, who married Anne Barney 

Robinson, and have: 

a. Edmund Bayley Seymour. 
/'. William Percival Seymour. 15 



Some of the descendants of Frances Yeardley who mar- 
ried Major John West. 

Their children, as before stated, were Argall Yardley, 
John, Charles, Thorowgood, Ann, Jemima, Matilda, Sarah 
and Joseph. 

1. Argall Yardley West, who married and left 


2. John West, (dec'd. 172')) who married and 

left a son, Jonathan. 

3. Charles West, who married Sallie Custis, and had: 

a. Ann Custi? West, who married first John Bundick and 
had no issue, and second Samuel Taylor and had issue: Eliza- 
abeth Sarah Taylor and Mary Ann Taylor. 

b. Tabitha Susan West, who married Dr. Thomas J. L. 
L. Nottingham and had issue: Peggie Jonna, Samuel Baker, 
Thomas William, Elizabeth, Sarah Bundick, Charlotte Susan, 
and Clara West Nottingham. 

c. Sallie West, who married Col. John Leatherbury and 
had issue, William, Elizabeth, Edward, George, Sallie, Kath- 
erine, John, (Col. John Leatherbury subsequently married 
Vienna, (Godwin) widow of William West, hereafter men- 
tioned, and had a son, Thomas). 

13. For the above information concerning Christians. Lukers. Callahaus, Porans, 
Wests, Parkers. Wises, Bagwells, and Seymours, I am indebted to the Record of Griffin 
Clay Callahan. Esq.. of Philadelphia, Pa., a member of the Virginia Historical Society, 
and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and who is interested generally in histor- 
ical matters relating to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and its people, and who has been 
collecting historical and genealogical material from the Court Records. Family Bibles, 
etc., for several years, and kindly uave me the use of the above. 

Note. — The descendants of Sarah Powell, Yeardley Powell, Margaret Powell, and 
Mary Powell — the brothers and sisters of Rose — I have not attempted to trace. 


d. William West married Vienna Godwin and had a 

daughter, Clara Joanna West, who married Edward Holland 

and left issue: 

I. Nathaniel Littleton Holland, who married his cousin, Juliet 
Fisher Holland, a daughter of Dr. Griffin Holland and his wife, Mar- 
garet Cotton Whittaker, of Tallahassee, Florida, and had: 

1. Florence Rowena Holland, who married Otto F. Mears, and has 

Cecil Mears and Benjamin Mears. 

2. Edward Holland, 14 who married Eva Vandegrift, of West Vir- 

ginia, and has a son, Edward Littleton Holland, Jr. 

3. Dr. Griffin William Holland, unmarried. 

4. Clarence Whittaker Holland, minor. 

5. Marcus Whittaker Holland, dead. 

6. William West Holland, minor. 

7. Nathaniel Littleton Holland, dead. 

8. Nathaniel Littleton Holland, minor. 

II. Harriet Juliet Holland married Preston E. Trower, and has 
Edward Holland Trower, Robert Smith Trower, Preston Bryan Trow- 
er and Clara West Trower. 

e. Charles J. D. West married Elizabeth Pitts and left 
issue : 

I. William Mayor West, who married Sarah Windsor Shelton, of 
Petersburg, Va., and had: Alfred Seabury West, Fannie West and 
Charles West. 

II. Margaret Catherine West married John Leatherbury and had: 
Margaret Catherine Leatherbury, Emory Pitts Leatherbury, Chauncey 
Leatherbury, and Virginia West Leatherbury. 

III. Mary Isabella West married John Addison and had: Elizabeth 
Addison, John White Addison, and Sallie Fisher Addison — all unmar- 

IV. Elizabeth Robinson West. 

V. Joanna Tabitha West married Thomas E. Leatherbury, (young- 
est son of Col. John Leatherbury by his last wife Vienna (Godwin), the 
widow of William West as shown above) and had Edward West Leath- 
erbury, Vienna Goodwin West Leatherbury, and John Neely Leather- 

VI. Emory Washington West married Edward D. Pitts, son of 
Judge Edward Pitts, of Accomac County Va., and has Mary Pitts, 
Edward Pitts, Charles Pitts, Margaret Pitts and Emma Pitts. 

14. Dr. Griffin William Holland, his brother, Edward Holland, and their sister, 
Susan, who married Myers W. Fisher, descended from Nathaniel Holland, who mar- 
ried Ann West, daughter of Major John West and Frances Yardley before mentioned, 
and also from Nathaniel and Susan (Bryan) Holland, of "Poplar Hill" Northampton 
Co., Va. Maryaret C. Whittaker, second wife of Dr. Griffin Wm. Holland, was a daugh- 
ter of Gen. Eli B. Whittaker of North Carolina. 


VII. Ella Sarah West married Henry Powell, of Accomac County, 
Va., and has Cecil Powell, Ella Powell. Emory Powell and Ada Powell. 

VIII. Charles Edward West. 

4. Ann West, who married Nathaniel Holland. Her 
line has not been traced out as yet. Her descendants of the 
name are now represented by Nathaniel L. Holland and his 
wife Juliet. Nathaniel L,. is a son of Edward L. and Clara 
Jonanna (West) Holland, and his wife Juliet is a daughter of 
Dr. Griffin Holland and his wife, Margaret Cotton Whittaker, 
late of Tallahassee, Florida — Edward L. and Dr. Griffin were 
brothers. Edward L. Holland had a daughter Hattie who 
married Preston Trower, Esq., and has children. 

Dr. Griffin Holland married twice and had three children, 

all daughters. , Mary and Juliet. married 

Leroy F. Oldham first and left no issue by him. She then 

married . Mary married Bull, of Norfolk, Va., 

and had issue: 

Juliet Fisher Holland married Nathaniel L. Holland 
and had: 

a. Florence Holland, who married Otto F. Mears and has two 

children, Cecil and Benjamin. 

b. Edward L. Holland, who married Miss Eva Vandegrift, of 

West Virginia, and has a son, Edward Littleton Holland. 
r. Griffin William Holland, unmarried. 
d. Clarence Whittaker Holland, minor. 

c. Marcus Whittaker Holland, dead. 
/. William West Holland, minor. 

»\ Nathaniel Littleton Holland, dead. 
//. Nathaniel Littleton Holland, minor. 

5. Sarah West married Isaac Smith, he died in 1760, left 
John, Isaac, Sarah, Anne, Betty, Thorogood, and Bridget. 

a. John Smith married Keziah — maiden name unknown, and de- 

scendants not known. 

b. Sarah Smith married West, descendents not traced. 

c. Ann Smith married Jonathan West, descendants not traced. 

d. Betty Smith. 

e. Thorowgood Smith, alliances and descendants not traced. 

f. Bridget Smith. 

g. Isaac Smith (born November 4, 1734, died March 23, 1813), mar- 

ried, March 4, 1759, Elizabeth Custis Teackle (born December 
13, 1742, died August 19, 1822), and had issue: I. Charles; II. 
Elizabeth; III. Sarah; IV. Margaret; V. Isaac; VI. Thomas; 
VII. Mary Ann; VIII. Susan; IX. Anne Teackle; X. John 
Thorogood; and two children who died in infancy. 


I. Charles Smith, who married Katherine Teackle, lived 
at Moratico, Richmond Co., Va., and had issue: 

a. Maria Smith, who married Dr. Buckner and moved to 
Missouri. They had nine children of whom Dr. Charles Buck- 
ner. of Charles Street, Baltimore, Md., is one. The others 
have not been traced. 

b. Elizabeth Teackle Smith, married William Neale, and 

had: • 

1. William T. Neale, who never married. 

2. Hamilton S. Neale, who married Elizabeth Bowdoin Smith, and 

had issue: 

William Gilmer Neale, died s. p. 

Catherine Neale, married Clement L. Shaver, of Fairmount, 

West Virginia. 
Grace Neale, unmarried. 
Mary Neale, unmarried. 
Walter Neale, unmarried. 
Ruth Neale, died infant. 
Ellen Neale, unmarried. 

Ethel Neale, who married Dr. Demorest of Washing-ton, D. C. 
Hamilton Smith Neale, minor. 
Elizabeth Neale, minor. 
Henry Neal, died infant. 

3. Walter Neale never married — killed at battle of Malvern Hill. 

4. Catherine Neale married William Brown Upshur — no issue. 

c. Charles Smith, who married , and has issue: 

1. Marianna Smith, who married Joseph Chinn, of Tappahannock, 
Va., and have a son Joseph and daughter Gertrude. 

II. Elizabeth Smith, who married first, Griffin Stith and 
had issue. She married second, Judge George Parker and had 
one son who died young - . 

III. Sarah Smith, who married, first, William Stith, and 

a. Drury Stith married , in Surry Co., Va., and 

left no issue. 

b. Mary Stith married John Brown Upshur, and had: 

1. Elizabeth Ann Brown Upshur, who married Hon. Abel P. Up- 
shur, Secretary of Navy and Secretary of State, under Presi- 
dent Tyler, she being- his second wife. They had one daughter 
Susan, who married Et. Ringgold, who had a son James T. 
Ringgold, a lawyer now living in Washington, D. C. — the lit- 
ter married Mrs. Minnie Bordley nee Egerton, and has issue 


2. William Stith Upshur married Ann Wilson of Richmond, Va., 

and had: 

n. Mary Jane Stith Upshur married Josiah R. Sturgis, of 
New York — issue not traced. 

b. Catherine Bullock Upshur, died s. p. 

c. John B. Upshur married Ann M. Andrews, of Louisiana. 

d. Thomas Wilson Upshur married (first) Mary Eliza Up- 

shur and had no issue; and (second) Mary Ellen Dun- 
ton, widow of W. J. F Peed and had no issue. 

e. Harriet Saltontall Upshur died s. p. 
/'. William Stith Upshur died s. p. 

g. Charles Wing-field Upshur died s. p. 

3. Caleb Upshur married: 

1st. Ann Pinner, of Nansemond County, Va., and 2nd. Mar- 
tha Simmons. 
By first wife he had: 

a. Pauline Upshur, died s. p. 

h. John Upshur, died s. p. 

c. Caleb L- Upshur, married Anna G. Riddick, and left 

Annie, Lucy and Littleton. 
(/. Elizabeth Upshur. 
/'. Nannie Upshur. 
g. Hampton Stith Upshur, died s. p. 
By his last wife he had three children: 
//. Sail)- Upshur, married John R. Young. 

i. Robert Upshur, married •. 

j. , died in infancy. 

4. Abel Brown Upshur, married Columbia Williams, and left no 


5. Robert Stith Upshur married Pauline Lafferandiw, and lived in 

New Orleans. Line not traced. 

6. Mary J. Upshur; never married. 

7. Hampden Upshur; never married. 

8. Sallie Upshur; never married. 

9. John D. Upshur married Elizabeth Faulcon and left a daughter, 

Mary Elizabeth, who married Thomas W. Upshur, and died 
without issue. 

Sarah Smith, widow of William Stith, married second, 
George Savage, and had issue; not traced. 

IV. Margaret Smith, who married Peter Bowdoin (she 
being- his first wife), and had: 

a. Dr. James Bowdoin, who married Zeporah Simpson, 
lived in South Carolina, and left one daughter. 

b. Louisa Bowdoin, who married St. George W. Tucker, 
Professor at the University of Virginia, and left issue. 



c. Peter Smith Bowdoin, who married Susan Jacob, and 
had two sons, viz.: Dr. John and William; the latter died s. p. 

1. Dr. John married three times; first, a Miss Custis, who bore 
him no children. Second, Miss Hinman, who bore him three 
children. His last wife bore him no issue. 
His children by second wife were: 

a. Virginia Bowdoin married Mr. Johnson, and died in Washing- 
ton, D. C, leaving- issue not traced. 

/>. Margaret Bowdoin married , and is living in North- 
umberland County, Va., and has children not traced. 

c. Dr. John Bowdoin, Jr.. married Miss Flora Himal, of Louisiana, 
has a daughter, Margaret. He is a very prominent and influ- 
ential citizen of Accomac County, Va. 

Peter Bowdoin married (second) Leah Teackle, by whom 
he had also three children, who, not being descendants from 
Sir George Yardley, will not appear here: 

V. Isaac Smith, who married (first) Maria Hopkinson, 
daughter of Judge Francis Hopkinson, of Philadelphia, Pa., 
by whom he had: 

a. Maria Hopkinson Smith, who married Temple Nelson 
Robins, and had issue: Susan, Emily S., Isaac Smith, John 
Edward, Maria H. , Elizabeth T., all of whom died s. p., ex- 
cept Susan and Emily, both of whom are unmarried. 

b. Francis Smith,- who married Susan Teackle, and had: 

1. Lavinia Teackle Smith married Mr. Haviland, of Poughkeepsie, 

N. Y., and had two children. Annie and Pierson. Annie 
married Wilbur Gilbert, 'Esq., and has children. They 
live at West Superior, Wisconsin. Pierson married Miss 
Evelyn Teackle Smith, and lives at Mankato, Minnesota 
(hereafter mentioned) and have a daughter Lavinia. 

2. Joseph Hopkinson Smith married Annie H. Handy, and left two 

daughters, Fanny and Lily, neither of whom are married. 
They live in Baltimore, Md. 

3. Francis Smith, died in infancy. 

4. Marshall Pike Smith, married Mary Crawford, and left: 

a. Crawford Smith, who married Fanny Albert, of Bal- 

timore, Md., and has issue, not traced. 

b. Chester Smith, who married Dora Albert, of Baltimore, 

and has issue, not traced. 

c. Lela Smith, who died, unmarried. 

d. Mary Smith, married Rev. Mr. Smith, and lives in New- 

York, and has issue, not traced. 

e. Zenie Smith. 


f. Josephine Smith 

g. Francis H. Smith. The last three unmarried. 

5. Ann Teackle Smith, unmarried. 

6. Francis Hopkinson Smith, married Josephine Vandeventer, of 

New York, and has (a) Berkeley and (b) Marian, both un- 

7. Susan Teackle Smith, married Thomas S. Moore, of New York, 

and has {a) Ethel and (b) David Thomas, both unmar- 

c. Dr. William Gilmer Smith, who married Elizabeth 
Upshur Bowdoin, daughter of Peter and Leah Teackle Bow- 
doin, and had issue: 

1. Peter Bowdoin Smith, who married Kate Cropper, of Rock 

Island. 111. He returned to Northampton County, Va., and had 

a. Elton Cropper Smith, who married Marian Godwin; he 

died in 1894, leaving- a daughter, Mary, a few years old. 

b. William Gilmor Smith, who married Nannie Wilson, and 

had a son. now dead. 

c. Minnie Cropper Smith, unmarried. 

d. Annie Wells Smith, married Daniel Parker, and had one 

child, now dead. 

e. Charles Cropper Smith, unmarried. 

f. Peter Bowdoin Smith, died in infancy. 

2. Dr. Charles Smith, who married Margaret W. Jacob, have: 

a. Elizabeth Bowdoin Smith, who married Wm. K. Robin- 

son, of Philadelphia, who died, April, 1895 leaving her 
with two sons, William Kane and Charles Edward Rob- 

b. Teackle Jacob Smith, unmarried. 

c. Bertha Bayley Smith, unmarried. 

d. Charles Smith, unmarried. 

3. Elizabeth Bowdoin Smith married Judge Hamilton S. Neale. 

(See issue under descendants of Elizabeth Teackle Smith and 
William Neale preceding.) 

4. Maria Hopkinson Smith, who married Col. Ellison L. Costin, 

and has Captain James and Henrietta, unmarried. 

5. Louisa Smith, died young. 

6. Margaret Susan Smith, married Rev. James Craighill, and has 

issue: Susan, Frank, Rutherford and Bowdoin, none of 
whom are married. 

7. Louisa B. Smith married 1st. Charles T. Bowdoin; 2nd. Judge 

Theodore S. Garnett. By the first husband she had Elizabeth 
Bowdoin and Charles Teackle Bowdoin, both of whom are 
unmarried. She has no issue by the second husband. 


d. Emily Hopkinson Smith, died unmarried. 

Isaac Smith married, second, Ann Teackle, daughter of 
John and Ann Upshur Teackle, of Accomac county, Va., and 

e. Ann Teackle Smith, who married William Satchell 
Floyd, and had: a. James Frederick, unmarried, /;. William 
Stockley, unmarried, c. Lavinia, died young - , d. Nannie 
Teackle, unmarried. 

f. Dr. Isaac Smith, died unmarried. 

g. Elizabeth Teackle Smith, married Thomas Teackle 
Upshur, and had: 

1. John Upshur, died s. p. 

2. Thomas Teackle Upshur, who married Caroline D. Blanding, of 

Sumter S. C, and had issue: a. Elizabeth, died s. p. b. James 
Blanding, died s. p., c. Leonora McFaddin, d. Wm. Brown, 
e. Florence Irving - , f. Anne Floyd, g. Caroline De Saussure, 
h. Thomas Teackle, i. Henry De Saussure Blanding-, j . Sa- 
rita Reed, all minors. 

3. Florence Upshur married Judge Levin T. H. Irving, of Som- 

erset County, Maryland. He died in 1892, leaving no children. 

4. Ann Elizabeth Upshur, unmarried. 

5. Sallie Brown Upshur, married Wm. H. Dashill, of Princess 

Anne, Maryland, and died without issue. 

h. Thomas Teackle Smith, married Sallie Guest, of Bal- 
timore, Md., and had Annie, Levin Irving - , and Augustus 
Webster, twins, and Evelyn Teackle, who married Pierson 
Haviland, before mentioned. All the above children died in 
infancy except Evelyn. 

VI. Thomas Smith, died s. p. 

VII. Mary Ann Smith, married 1st. Dr. Drisdale, who 
died, leaving no issue. 2nd, She married Wm. Gilmor, of 
Baltimore, Md., and had issue. 

a. Jane Gilmor, who married Gen. Benjamin C. Howard, 
had twelve children, viz. : 

1. Louisa T. Howard married George B. Hoffman, and had: 

Howard Hoffman and George B. Hoffman. They both died 
without issue. 

2. Sophia Howard, 3. Marian G. Howard, 4. Anne W. Howard, 

have never married. 

5. Jane, married Joseph King-; has no issue. 

6. Julia, married Richard Tyson, and have three children: 

a. Sophia, married Edward A. Marshall, and has: 


1. Julian Howard Marshall. 

2. Jean Howard Marshall. 

3. Henry Bartholl Marshall. 

b. Benjamin Chew Tyson married Virginia Cabell, and has 

two children. 

1. Virginia Tyson, unmarried. 

2. Juliette Tyson, unmarried. 

c. Jesse Tyson, unmarried. 

7. Ellen Gilmor Howard married Richard B. Bayard, and has: 

a. Ellen Howard Bayard, unmarried. 
/>. Richard Howard Bayard, unmarried. 
C. Jean Gilmor Bayard, unmarried. 

8. William Gilmor Howard married , and has: 

a. Benjamin Chew, unmarried. 
h. Marian Gilmor, unmarried. 
Four children of Gen. Benjamin C and Jane Gilmor Howard 
died s. p. 

I). Ann Gilmor married 1st. Mr. Williams, and had one 
daughter, who married the Rev. Campbell White and she had 
one daughter. 2nd. John Donnell, and died, leaving- one 
daughter, Anne. 

c. Mary Ann Gilmor, married Spear Nicholas, of- Rich- 
mond, Va., and left no issue. 

d. Louisa Gilmor, married Owens Hoffman, of Balti- 
more, Md., and had issue. 

c. Robert Gilmor, married Miss Ellen Ward, and had 
nine children, among them: Judge Robert Gilmor, of Balti- 
more, Md. ; Col. Harry (xilmor, of Confederate States Army. 

f. William (xilmor, married Miss Louisa Hoffman, and 
left issue. 

g. Charles Gilmor, married Miss Patterson, and had one 

//. Sarah (xilmor. married Dr. Charles Buckner, and has 

/. Susan Gilmor married Lattimer Hoffman, and had 
issue: Lattimer and William. 

VIII. Susan Smith married 1st. William B. Savage and 
left one daughter, Mary Ann, who married John C. Wilson, 

Note. — The foregoing- names of descendants of Gen. Benjamin C, and Jane Gilmor 
Howard have kindly been sent in by Miss Marian G. Howard, 014 North Charles Street. 
Baltimore, Md. 


and left no issue; and 2nd. Judge George Parker, and left no 

IX. Ann Teackle Smith, married John Donnell, an Irish 
gentleman and merchant of Baltimore, Md. They had: 

a. Elizabeth Donnell, who married Gen. John Swan, 
of Baltimore, Md., and had: 

1. Ann Elizabeth Swan, who married William Frederick Frick, of 

Baltimore, Md., and had: 

a. James Swan Frick, who married Elise Dana, and has 


b. Mary Frick, who married Robert Garrett, of Baltimore, 

Md., Ex-President of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad 
Company, recently deceased, and has no issue. 

2. John Swan. 

3. Daughter. 

/;. Ellen Donnell married Samuel W. Smith, of Balti- 
more, and had issue: 

1. Anne Donnell Smith married Frederick von Kapff, and had: 

a. Bernard von Kapff, unmarried. 

b. Frederick von Kapff, married Annie Brown. 

c. Ellinor von Kapff. married James W. Wilson, and has: 

1. Ellinor Wilson. 

2. James T. Wilson. 

2. Major Robert H. Smith, was a gallant officer in the Confederate 

States Army. He married Mary Hall, and have: 

a. Robert, married Margaret Clark, and has: 

1. Robert; 2. Mary; 3. Nannie Smith. 

b. Nannie Smith married Chapman Clark, and has a 

daughter, Margaret Clark. 

c. Julian Smith, unmarried. 

d. J. Donnell Smith, unmarried. 

3. J. Donnell Smith, unmarried. 

4. Samuel S. Smith, married Nina Levering, and has a son, Wil- 

son Smith. 

5. William H. Smith, unmarried. 

6. Ellen D. Smith, married Walter Blair, and has Ellen Codlington 


c. Anna Donnell married Kemp, of Baltimore, Md., 

and had two daughters, not traced. 

Note.— The names of the foregoing- descendants of Samuel W. Smith and Ellinor 
Donnell have been kindly sent me by Mrs. Frederick von Kapff. 505 Park Avenue. Bal- 
timore, Md. 


d. Frances Donnell married Gustav W. Lurman, of Ger- 
man birth, a merchant of Baltimore, Md. Thej had children : 







o . 


John S. Lurman, unmarried. 

Gustav Wilhelm Lurman. married Elizabeth Cooke Powell, and 
has issue. 

Theodore Gerhard Lurman married Nannie Allen Tilg-ham, and 

has issue. 
Fannie Donnell Lurman (died Aug. 29, 1889) married Frank 

Frick, and has issue. 
Anna Donnell Lurman. died young. 
Elizabeth Swan Lurman, died, unmarried. 

Josephine Lurman married C. Morton Stewart, a merchant of 
Baltimore, Md., and has issue: 

a. Frances Lurman Stewart married Mr. Edward Livingston 
Coster, of New York, and has a daughter, Josephine, 
born Feb. 6. 1894. 
/>. Mary Morton Stewart, died in infancy. 
c. Charles Morton Stewart, married Sophia Howard Mc- 

</. John Lurman Stewart, i Twins, born April 29, 1871. The 
e. Gustav Lurman Smith - latter married Ann Gilmor, 

Stewart. \ Oct. 3, 1894. 

/'. Redmond Conyngham Stewart, born Oct. 4, 1873. 
g. Priscilla Pinkney Stewart, married John McHenry, Oct. 

23. 1894. 
//. William Plunket Stewart, born January 4, 1878. 
i. Ellinor Donnell Stewart, born Aug, 17, 1879. 
j. Dorris Lurman Stewart, born May 7, 1881. 
k. Stephen Lurman Stewart, born Oct. 29. 1882. 
/. Donnell Stewart, died in infancy. 
>//. William Donnell Stewart, born Jan. 27, 1889. 

Ellen Stewart, died in infancy. 
Minna Stewart, unmarried. 
Gustav Wilhelm Stewart, died in infancy. 

Mary Ann Donnell, died unmarried. 
John Donnell, married Ann Gilmor. 

James Donnell, married . 

William Donnell married , and had issue. 

John Thorowgood Smith, died s. p. 













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